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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Yesterday we were out looking at our garden and Mommy said that we should make a scarecrow. Bobo and Sissy couldn't wait! We certainly did not have any leaves so we decided to use newspaper for the stuffing. As we were making it we talked about the history and the why of how scarecrows came to be. We talked about people that had no other way to scare animals away and this was supposed to look like a person was in the garden. It also fit into our lesson on recycling and when summer is over we will put it into the recycle bin.
We love to do things that are not what anyone would learn at school. It is important to know about our history and our early forefathers. When I think about scarecrows I think about that story that I had to read about Ichabod Crane.

We are going to start thinking over the weekend of other places to do field trips. This is getting to be very informational for all of us!

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