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Monday, October 12, 2015

Four by Zack Scott Blog Tour, Excerpt, and Giveaway

About the Book:

A tragic past. A destined reunion. A decaying hope.

In Southern California, four friends must face a haunting nightmare from high school in order to save the future of humanity. But will their personal conflicts get in the way? Battling for survival, these fated four will choose whether to follow a destined path or continue their dead lives, while the zombie apocalypse feeds them one cliche after another.

EXCERPT TWO, from the chapter SCOT

The red light, the street lamps, the other cars on the road all blacked out at the same time.

A bus, flames leaping from its windows, raced down a hill straight for the upcoming intersection. Scot lunged for the steering wheel as the SUV flew under the stoplight. Glass sliced across the front seat, ripping into his face. He tried to save them from flipping over, grabbing the wheel with one hand. The sound of screeching tires rang in his ears. The SUV lost control. Overpowered and weightless, his body was tossed around. Screeching tires stopped. The ground flipped over his head.

Angela screamed hysterically at his side. The roof smashed in, but his seatbelt adeptly saved him from suffering a crushed skull.

Sparks flew in every direction. We’re sliding upside down! Squealing metal was agony to his ears. Angela grabbed for his arm and he wanted so badly to touch her skin. My last human contact. He fought to breathe, his chest feeling like a bus had crushed it.

Their SUV slammed to a sudden halt, crashing into a titanic tree. Swinging like rag dolls in their seats, Scot smashed his head, shards of glass cutting into his skin.

Silence, what he’d desired moments before the chaos, finally fell. The world stilled for them briefly.

Author Bio:

Zack Scott is the author of THEIR DEADS LIVES, ONE PISSED OFF SHARK, and several short stories he wrote for the 2013 Flash Fiction Challenge, where he made it to the final round. Although he’s visited many areas in the world, Zack has lived in Southern California most of his life. He grew up in Los Angeles, attended undergrad at CSUCI in Ventura County, and completed law school down in sunny San Diego. More recently, he was living the startup life in Silicon Valley with the 500 Startups accelerator program. He is licensed to practice law in California, but more importantly he likes to hang his pants on his desk chair rather than his closet. When he’s not writing stories, Zack can be found in a never-ending wrestling match with his dog Leo or cooking pasta while wearing a Chargers apron.

GIVEAWAY: $10 Amazon Gift Card (INT) Ends Oct. 28th This giveaway is sponsored by CBB Book Promotions, the hosts are not responsible for prizing.

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