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Friday, January 27, 2012


Wow , I was given the opportunity to read and review SATAN'S KINGDOM BY AMY MCGRATH for www.dorrancereviewteam.blogspot.com. I have always loved to read historical novels since I was a teenager and this was just the kind of book I love. It is the story of 2 women, Isobel who is a Countess from France , and the other Jenny who is a convict from England.They both embark on a new world to a faraway Sidney, a small British Colony to escape the horrors of the French Revolution.
Their destinies converge when they both meet and suffer under ex-Captain John Macarthur.Even through their lives being different they both suffer arranged marriages, the changing of laws and bad economic times. The N.S.W Corps was fomented by Reverend Marsden, which in turn resulted in the 2 years as a republic rule with a tyrant in charge. This was a result of the arrest of Governor Bligh in 1808 and his imprisonment.This time was called SATAN'S KINGDOM.
Isobel is made to marry the man who rapes her by both of their families. Jenny is forced to see the horror of other women being flogged and forced to give birth while being brought by ship to the place they that will serve out their sentences. It was a man's world and they both had to suffer for it everyday. Ms. McGrath brings the reader through a time of everyone for themselves in a violent time in the history of Sydney. This book certainly shows the author's knowledge of this time.It was very interesting to read.
I was provided a copy to review with no other compensation and all opinions are my own.

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