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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Silent River by C.M. Weaver Book Tour & Giveaway

Silent River
by C.M. Weaver
Genre: Psychological Thriller

A gripping psychological thriller inspired by true events.

Robert Collins is Portland’s best investigative detective. When the Stevens family goes missing, he goes to work. As he uncovers clues the family may have been targeted for a professional hit by organized crime, it gets personal.

Too personal. Can he face down his inner demons before he loses himself?

He confronts the mob and police bureaucracy to find the missing family. Jake, partner and friend, thinks he's spiraling into obsession, when Robert's taken off the case but refuses to give up the investigation.

Can he get past this shameless tragedy and his own past to move on with his life?

Silent River is a fictionalized version of a real investigation in the late 1950s in Portland, Oregon, a time when money and power ruled the city. This story will appeal to fans of true crime and detective fiction alike. Readers who enjoy Ann Rule, Rex Stout, and Mary Higgins Clark will love CM Weaver.

I live and work in the Pacific Northwest. I’m married and take care of a challenged rescue dog, Ariel. I love writing, but don’t write in one particular genre. I do gravitate more to mysteries as I’m always asking “What if?”

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!


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