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Saturday, June 6, 2015

An Abduction Revelation by Thomas Hay Book Tour

About the book:-

A story that explores a compelling blend between mysterious unknown entities with seemingly true events. Think Close Encounters of the Third Kind blended with Total Recall.

Who are the abductors? Where do they come from? Where are they hiding? Do they even exist? The secrets are revealed in an intriguing adventure filled with mystery, a dash of romance, and a shocking revelation that will torment your reality.

Join 'The Comeback Kid' on his incredible world wide journey as he uncovers secrets behind his abductions and comes face to face with his abductors.

Whether you believe in UFOs and aliens or not, this is a truly interesting story. Pinky Pollock

I am not a sci-fi fan, but this book fascinated me and held my interest from start to finish.Caitlin

Hay is a fabulous storyteller. Rivals with the best sci-fi novels. Zillie Carlson

NOTE: This book stands alone and is not a sequel.
Guest Post;

3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy, & Sissy, Too!   would like to thank author Thomas Hay for being with us today.
WHO ARE THE ABDUCTORS? The Search for Answers
An Abduction Revelation: The Comeback Kid Returns
Part Three - The Inscrutables
The dictionary meaning for ‘inscrutable’: Incapable of being searched into or scrutinized; impenetrable to investigation. Not easily understood; mysterious; unfathomable.
Who are the Abductors? Where do they come from? Where are they hiding? Do they even exist?
Stories of UFOs and alien abductions have been recorded throughout human history. Surrounding mankind on our planet are numerous unexplained events and sites. As we begin to question our past, often eager to find clues to the future, we increasingly realize that a wealth of civilizations have preceded us. Many discoveries have proven to be so extraordinary and so enigmatic that they pose more questions than answers.
We have uncovered fascinating evidence about much of our mysterious prehistory, yet so many mysteries remain. Who built the five cities of Tiahuanaco on the roof of the Andes? Why was Zimbabwe created, and by whom? What of the mysteries of Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, Roswell, Project Bluebook, crop circles, cattle mutations, and countless others?
Could the answers to many of the world’s mysteries be that in prehistoric and modern times aliens from other worlds have been visiting our planet? How could the evidence be denied?
So why, despite the evidence, are most people still skeptic to accept or believe UFO sightings, aliens, and abductions? Credible witnesses, including airline and military pilots, astronauts, law enforcement officials, and other prominent figures, including a U.S. president (Jimmy Carter), have reported UFO sightings. There is credible evidence that President Eisenhower met with aliens.
Countless others have claimed to have been abducted by aliens. So, why do most people think these claims are only fantasies, trickery, or overactive imaginations? Why can’t folks believe what is happening right before their very eyes?
Is it because the U.S. government has brainwashed and convinced the public that UFO, aliens, and abduction stories are just pranks? After all, they can’t have people believing that stuff. Think about it. If these stories were known to be true, it could disrupt civilization as we know it. There could be panic in the streets. It could change the history and beliefs of mankind. That would be good reasons why our government will forever deny UFOs and all alien existence. They perceive that the majority of people are not concerned about matters that don’t directly involve or affect their individual lives.
Then there are those who throw another monkey wrench in the equation, aiding the government position with their shenanigans.
Many UFOs are thought to be alien spacecraft. The abductions are thought to be by extraterrestrial beings. However, Alpha Centauri, the next closest star system to Earth, is approximately twenty-five trillion miles away. Present-day spacecraft would take about 70,000 years to cover that distance. That’s a long time to spend without a trip to McDonald’s or a Wal-Mart.
Suppose the trip could be done in 2,500 years and the extraterrestrials had plenty of time on their hands. Their spacecraft would have to travel at a speed of a million miles per hour. That’s a thousand times the speed of the fastest recorded modern aircraft. I bet even Superman or Star Trek’s Enterprise couldn’t achieve that speed. So the odds that another life form could travel that far are astronomical.
Then, there is the story of the Anunnaki. Approximately 450,000 years ago, Alalu, the deposed ruler of the Anunnaki on Nibiru, escaped his planet on a spaceship and found refuge on Earth. He discovered that Earth contained plenty of gold, which Nibiru needed to protect its diminishing atmosphere. They began to mine Earth’s gold, and this caused many political battles for power.
Around 300,000 years ago, the Anunnaki decided to create a race of workers by genetically manipulating the primates of planet Earth. The result was Homo sapiens, human beings. Eventually, ruler-ship of the Earth was handed over to the humans and the Anunnaki left, but it is written that someday they will return. Could the Anunnaki be the abductors? If that were so, then they could be considered our God?
Those who believe and have reported that they have been abducted are a heterogeneous group, widely dispersed along demographic and cultural lines. These types of abductions are a rare phenomenon and have been estimated to have occurred to over three million people in America and countless others throughout the world.
There is a remarkably precise correspondence to their reports. Abductees exhibit relatively little psychopathology. Hypnosis has been used to confront, confirm, and allow others to experience their memories. However, hypnosis only allows the abductee to see through the memory blocks. It does not dissolve them. That is why after being revived from hypnosis, they still have no memory of the events.
Both subtle and highly robust physical evidence accompanies some abductions. Many abductees share some remarkably similar experiences.
Is it just a coincidence that in the last fifty years technological achievements have progressed more than in all previous years of history? And that between the years 1950-1970, UFO sightings and abductions skyrocketed. This alone, should make you wonder. The answer may be blowing in the wind and smack dab in front of our eyes, an answer that even a blind person could see. Or, an answer that may be buried deep within your own subconscious.
So what is it that keeps most people from believing in aliens and abductions? Has the government really done such a great job of brainwashing us? Maybe we are skeptical because we have watched too many science fiction movies or read too many science fiction books? Or, are we that afraid of finding out the truth?
Well, hold onto your hat pilgrims, because you are about to get hit upside the head with a startling revelation when you read “An Abduction Revelation”.
Thomas L. Hay, Author

About the Author:-

BORN: April 15, 1943 Kansas City, Kansas (Raised in Clinton, Mo.)

PARENTS: Leonard M. Hay and Kathryn Fisher, of Clinton, Mo.

GRANDPARENTs: E. M. Hay, of Clinton, Mo and Pete Fisher of Kansas City, Kansas.

SIBLINGS: Three half-sisters; Sandra Hay, Barbara Wood, and Susan Anderson and a half-brother; Michael Newhouse.

Graduate of Clinton Senior High School class of 1961.

MILITARY SERVICE: US Navy, stationed aboard the USS Hancock 1961-65, Vietnam Vet.

EMPLOYMENT: Clinton Eye (Democrat) delivery boy. On a bicycle no less. US Navy (Radioman) for four years. TWA and American Airlines for 39 years.

Retired in 2005. Published first book, The Comeback Kid, Memoirs of Thomas L. Hay in November, 2011. Published second book, An Abduction Revelation: The Comeback Kid Returns in October, 2012. Published revised edition (with new cover) of An Abduction Revelation in March, 2014.

Resides in the Kansas City Northland since 1978. When he is not golfing, fishing, or singing Karaoke, he enjoys spending quality time with family and friends. He currently lives in Lake Waukomis, Mo. with his lovely wife Karen, some hyperactive squirrels, too many irritating geese and a few cranky old catfish.

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