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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Early Birthday Surprise! Yeh For the Pinkberry Yogurt Store in Our Town!!

Wow!  For my birthday which is not for a couple of months, I won't say how old I will be, just think almost senior. All 4 of my kids, Mommy, her 2 sisters and brother got  me a new computer!
  So, here I am trying to figure it out. I hope that this will make doing things on our blog like homeschooling, reviews and giveaways will be faster and easier to put up.  My old computer was over 10 years old!

    Today, we are hoping to do some strawberry picking before it gets too hot or they are all gone. Maybe Bobo and Sissy will just want to do it the easy way and buy some at the farm stand. Yesterday my sister Lisa and I took Sissy shopping at our local mall which is like an outside mall where all of the stores are connected but you have to be outside to get into their store.
   We tried the new Pinkberry  Yogurt store and had samples at Stonewell Kitchens.  Naturally Sissy had strawberry yogurt with fresh strawberries on top. I had a little taste and it was delicious. The really weird part is that people come from all over to this mall and it is not even 5 minutes away and we never seem to have the time to go. Right up a hill is our regular huge mall and it has a huge indoor merry go round that people love to come to, also. Nana

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