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Monday, May 14, 2012


I have not been able to write for a week.  On Monday I had to have a tooth pulled. After 6 shots of novacaine with no end in sight to the pain, the doctor wanted to knock me out. I just wanted to get it over. So he gave me some laughing gas and proceeded. Needless to say Mommy and http://www.dealsharingaunt.blogspot.com/ other half, she was watching Bobo and Sissy, heard me yelling from the pain. When I finally practically ran out after jumping out of the chair as soon as I could the side of my face was huge. The pain since then has been almost unbearable. While I was there I got to really see how important it is to have insurance. People before me were talking about making payments on bills for hundreds of dollars. We all need to have affordable insurance available to us! I am still having trouble eating but hopefully I will feel better each day. My children took good care of me and that was the best Mother's Day present they could have ever given me. I even got a huge tomato plant in a pot, 2 bouquets of roses, gift cards, a trinket box that Bobo designed in school, dinner of my choice and more. I am very lucky. Nana

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