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Friday, May 25, 2012


We have been looking into different programs for homeschooling and what other parents are doing. It looks like there is a lot more that are homeschooling than we ever thought there was. It is very sad that so many families come to the same conclusion that we have, that we are the best teachers for our children. This is one Grandmother who is sick to her stomach when everyday it seems the public schools are having one problem after another. It goes way beyond schools being locked down for guns, drugs, white power and more. What is really going on in your child's classroom? Do we really know, or do we want to believe that we know? This blog will start to talk about Mommy's efforts at homeschooling as well as still looking for great shopping bargains and more. But I do believe from what we have read so far, that homeschooled children are not missing anything but seem to be gaining a lot more.

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