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Thursday, March 1, 2012


I am sure that everyone Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Grandfather Aunts, Uncles,and anyone else who has the greatest treasure. The gift of loving children in your life. Today was the first time that we really had some snow and I was determined to surprise Bobo and Sissy by waking them up with a snowball. This morning I got up early and went to their house. I first tried to wake up Sissy but she told me to go away and it was too cold, and she went back to sleep.
I went in Bobo's room and he was still asleep. too. All kids are sooo beautiful when they sleep and I could just sit there and watch them all day. I went over to him and lightly touched his hand with the snowball. He looked at me very sleepy but jumped up and said we got snow! He yelled for Sissy, his favorite sister, and she came running. They were racing to see who could get dressed the fastest. They ran and grabbed a bite of breakfast and ran to the door. They couldn't wait to get dressed, scarfs, hats, gloves and pulled Mommy and I outside.
We played for a little while in the snow and then got in the car to go to school. They both wanted to take a snowball with them. After a few minutes, Sissy, who is always the perfect little princess, said hers was getting her wet with drops so she let it fall on the floor of the car. Bobo took his into school to show his friends. The snowball started to melt, big surprise, so his teacher put in a bowl, we learned after he got home. But, he came out of school with a sandwich baggie in his hand. You guessed it, it was his snowball all melted. Just like he melted our hearts today with his lesson to all of us. We should all stop and enjoy what we have. We are always running around but we never really get anywhere. I for one am going to do what Bobo taught us today. You can be happy all day with just a snowball!

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