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Friday, March 30, 2012


Easter is only a week away! Mommy has earned enough points to get a free turkey at SHOP RITE. Mommy's little sister dealsharingaunt@blogspot.net earned enough to get a free ham. So we are having a ham and a turkey for free!! Dealsharingaunt@blogspot.net bought a 50 pound of potatoes a few weeks ago. They are all about the same large size. We will be having a baked potato bar something we have had before. We will put out all different things so that people can build their own . Sour cream, chives, butter, melted cheddar, broccoli and more. Then we we will have a salad and dessert.
For the last few birthdays we have been buying Italian rum cakes at our local Italian bakery. I really want to try to make my own. Pudding and all. I'll let you know about my progress and how it comes out. I really love holiday baking.

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