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Thursday, December 22, 2011


When Sissy was born I, Nana decided that we were going to have tea parties as much as we could. I bought her a China Tea Set just after she was born. When she was smaller she got a plastic one that she used to play tea party. Now that she is older the other day she came over and I took out the China Tea Set. I washed every piece (some were really small!) and dried them. I put real sugar in the sugar bowl and real cream in the pitcher. I took my glass measuring cup and boiled some water. I put a tea bag in and poured some into the tea pitcher.

We did this on a TV tray. A few days ago I found this table at a secondhand store for 3 dollars. I fell in love with it!!! It is just the right size. Auntie Lala is enjoying her tea with Sissy in this picture but rest assured every family member got their turn! The picture doesn't do the table justice. I has a wood top and metal legs. The top has sparkles all around it. I cannot begin to explain how happy I am whenever I see this.

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