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Monday, January 23, 2017

My Thoughts on This Weekend

First I have to explain my background. I spent 2 years on my local Town Council and 4 years on my local Board of Education. During this time I spent over 10 years on my town's Senior Commission most as its Chairman. I am very concerned about our children and their future education. When I was in high school we could not graduate unless we passed a class call U.S. History. I am so upset when I have been reading over this past weekend that some school districts across our country did not even give our children, our future leaders the opportunity to see our President, (no matter if you agree with him or not) get inaugurated. How do they learn about our country and it's laws? How can they take away their  chance to see history? We have to know the past in order to learn and make a better future. When I was younger people of my generation did protest. But protesting and yelling to fight are two different things. This is why I got involved in politics. I wanted to make a difference. Anyone can run for office and try to make changes. I tell my children and grandchildren all of the time how much I learned by holding public office. My advice is to get involved at your local level and work your way up.  Get involved.        Nana

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