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Friday, July 19, 2013


Today is Bobo's birthday! In 6 more days it will be Sissy's Birthday! I was just thinking about the day he was born. We took up a whole waiting room. There were about 10 of there!    Whenever it is one of my grandchildren's birthday I think about the day they were born and how excited we all were. then , there are things that you never thought would happen from the day they were born until today.

Like Poppie having a massive heart attack and dying and things like Mommy homeschooling Bobo and Sissy. When your children are born you want to protect them and you do it as best you can. When you have Grandchildren the cycle starts all over again. I think I am more nervous about Bobo, his sister Sissy and his cousin than I was when my kids were little. That is one of the reasons Mommy has decided to homeschool Bobo and Sissy so that we can protect not only them but their future.
   It is really scary that a lot of parents are teaching their children at home than they were years ago. Is that because the schools have changed or have the families? I think it is a little of both. The schools are certainly not teaching what they used to. I can tell you from experience that I was actually told by a teacher when Mommy, her sisters and brother were in school that they were too close!  Can you just imagine? I actually was proud that they were too close.  That was what Poppie and I  wanted. We wanted our family to be close and help each other. We wanted them to be close and you know what it must have worked because they are still close today!                                      Nana

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