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Friday, October 5, 2012


    Mommy has been busy going over different curriculums and what our state lists as benchmarks for each grade. We have notebooks, notebooks and more notebooks filled with hundreds of things that we are helping the kids master. It is really unbelievable at how many they already have attained. I truly believe that some of these should not be in the kindergarten or first grade curriculum. They really expect a lot of our children, maybe a little too much.
    There is no conceivable way that a teacher can attain these with 25 or more kids in a classroom. The ones making these up better get a grip and understand the words age appropriate. Even if you do not homeschool you should still get involved these decisions, they get away with it because we allow it.
   We are starting to make everything into a class. Auntie Lala's birthday was today, and it was easy to say how the the cake was cut into equal pieces. Sometimes it is hard to get their attention and that is the wonderful thing about homeschooling. We can go at our own speed. The kids  really wanted the cake, they waited all day, so we kind of changed the focus.
    They are learning at a speed faster than they did in school . It is apparent that every few months we will have to get more notebooks and we will need to buy a file cabinet with large drawers.

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