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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Many years ago when Nana's children were little , she and Poppie bought a house with a cute fenced in yard. It had very little trees, a lilac bush which Nana loved, but Poppie was allergic to bees so they took it out. They wanted to plant fruit trees so the first one they picked was a 'drawf "peach tree, so they thought. (ha ha! it was not , and it was only a "drawf ""tree for the first year.

They decided that they would let each of their children pick a tree to plant when they made their First Communion . The oldest ,who now is mommy, wanted a "drawf " apple tree. The next oldest picked a "drawf " pear tree , the third picked 2 "drawf" cherry trees. But the youngest wanted 2 pussy willow bushes. Well the peach tree had a few peaches that were not edible and they had to take it down, after a few years. The 2 cherry trees had a lot of cherries but they were not sweet enough but they have to be trimmed because they do not stay little trees. The pear tree only lasted 2 years and that had to come down. But oh my gosh that "dwarf " apple tree is probably 30 feet high . Taller than the house ! The apples are golden apples. The pussy willows are great fun . So I guess they were successful . They had fun picking them out and they had fun planting them. Even though they didn't all survive they have wonderful family memories .Taking down any tree is so sad.

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